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How Chiropractic Works | Mankato Chiropractic Office

A simple infographic showing just how/why Chiropractic works
Take a look at this simple diagram explaining how/why Chiropractic works in our Mankato Chiropractic office! It's all about the brain's connection to the rest of the body. With…

Eat Clean :: Chiropractor Mankato

Tips for eating clean this summer from your Mankato, MN Chiropractor
Clean Eating With the warm, sunny summer days upon us, it is the perfect time to clean up your diet. Local farmer’s markets are up and running, gardens are blooming, and fres…

What's that "popping" sound??? Mankato Chiropractor explains...

One of the most common questions we get on a weekly basis is about the "popping" sound that is often created during an adjustment. Mankato Chiropractor explains...
One of the most commonly asked questions at Advantage Chiropractic is “What’s with the POP?!”   For hesitant and first time patients, this sound may lead to fear and anx…

Tips for pain free yard work this summer :: Mankato Chiropractor

Yard work tips from a Mankato Chiropractor
  Whether it’s an extravagant garden or simply maintaining your yard, it is important to take precautions to avoid injury while performing these tasks. According to the Consum…

Chiropractic as a First Resort for Sports Injuries | Chiropractor in Mankato, MN

All sports are physically demanding on the human body in one way or another. As a Chiropractor in Mankato, Dr. Jon Grissman has treated an array of sports injuries with natural Chiropractic adjustments.
Many people think that people only visit the Chiropractor for neck and back pain. While this is true, more and more athletes are finding benefit from regular Chiropractic adju…

What you need to know about Vitamin D during the Winter months | Mankato Chiropractor

Most Americans suffer from Vitamin D deficiency, especially during the Winter months. Your Mankato Chiropractor explains why we need Vitamin D, how much to take, and what types of foods contain it.
During the long winter months, we often find ourselves cooped up inside trying to avoid the cold and snowy weather outside. Not only do we long for warmer temperatures, but the la…