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Hurt at Work? Your Mankato Chiropractor Can Help!

Nov 24, 2014



Whether you are a construction worker, nurse, secretary, accountant, or any other profession, your daily work duties can lead to a variety of different injuries. Common workplace injuries include herniated disks from heavy lifting, repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel, accidental slip or fall, and chronic neck and back pain due to poor posture and tasks on the job. Chiropractic care can naturally help the body heal after any of these workplace injuries, and should be one of your first-line treatment options.  

As your Mankato Chiropractor, we specialize in treating work related injuries using sophisticated techniques and technology to accurately diagnose and correct the problem. Advantage Chiropractic creates a unique, customized treatment plan for each patient to help alleviate pain, while naturally healing the injury without pills or surgery. Pain pills just mask the underlying issue, but do not actually fix the problem. And surgery may not be necessary for many. Individuals who sustain back injuries on the job whose first provider is a chiropractor are far less likely to undergo surgery. The statistics are astounding. More than 42 out of every 100 workers with back injuries who saw a surgeon first had back surgery. That’s nearly half! Compare this to the less than 2 out of 100 individuals requiring surgery that saw a chiropractor, and the decision is simple. The numbers speak for themselves. Who wants to undergo the pain, recovery, and cost of a surgery that could likely be avoided with chiropractic care?

Call your local Mankato Chiropractor FIRST if you are injured on the job to get on the road to natural, non-invasive healing.


Dr. Jon Grissman


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