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Dr. Jon Grissman

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Chiropractor Mankato | Start on the Inside

Oct 31, 2014

The state of our overall health and well-being works from the inside out. Our Mankato Chiropractic office uses natural means to adjust internal problems and conditions that are presenting externally as serious inflammation, pain, fatigue, and dis-ease. Through chiropractic adjustments and small shifts in our daily habits, we CAN feel better without invasive methods and techniques. Advantage chiropractic focuses on healing through manipulation of the spine and the framework of the body, as well as healthy lifestyle changes. Care of the spine and nervous system is fundamentally important in human health. It is the way to optimize the health of the whole human system. Proper structure is necessary for proper function. When our spine is not positioned correctly, it can irritate the nerves exiting the spine. This spinal irritation causes malfunction, and in turn, can effect the function of the tissues they interact with. See your Mankato Chiropractor today to start feeling better tomorrow. YOU have control of your body and health. What will YOU do?


Dr. Jon Grissman

Mankato Chiropractor


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