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YMCA Triathlon Event a Success :: Chiropractor Mankato, MN

Jun 04, 2014

We had a great time this past weekend at the "Gear up for Tri" event that was put together by Final Stretch.  The event was hosted at the Mankato YMCA and was geared towards providing information to athletes who participate in endurance sports.  Advantage Chiropractic provided free RockTaping and Spinal Screenings to all who attended.  As a Chiropractor in Mankato, MN, we see a great deal of endurance athletes due the active nature of the Mankato community.  Chiropractic plays a critical role when training for and participating in endurance sports.  When the body and spine are perfectly aligned, the nervous system is able to function at 100%, which means your body is able to operate with its full potential.  When there is a misalignment in the spine of any athlete, they are not able to function at optimal performance levels.  Also, misalignments in the spine cause more wear and tear over time, especially in athletes due to the high amount of stress applied to the spine.  As your Mankato Chiropractor, we see an array of sports injuries, and we get great results treating them. 

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